Cannulation of the AV Fistula

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A Series of Educational Videos for Professionals.

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The CEU application for this training video expired in 2008, CEUs are no longer available.

Chapter 1


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Chapter 2

Assessment of the New AV Fistula for Maturity

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Learn how and when to determine if a new AVF fistula has matured. Physical examination, the Rule of 6’s, and signs of complications are discussed. Other topics include: how and when to determine new AV Fistula maturation, and physical examination of the fistula.

Chapter 3

Protocol for New AV Fistula Cannulation

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Learn about cannulation guidelines and protocol, and a cannulator rating system to ensure the best care for patients and their new fistulas. Topics include: patient preparation, needle selection and insertion, pressure monitoring, and causes and response to excessively negative arterial pressure (AP).

Chapter 4

Assessment of the Mature AVF

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Gerald Beathard, MD, PhD, walks you through a hands-on examination of a mature fistula. Also discussed is the “sleeves up” exam of a fistula or graft.

Chapter 5

Cannulation Site Selection and Preparation

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This section details cannulation site selection, preparation, and pain control options.

Chapter 6

Cannulation Techniques

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Topics: Cannulating the mature fistula using site rotation, needle insertion and removal, clamp usage and warnings. Advantages and disadvantages of the buttonhole technique, sharp vs. blunt needles, switching to blunt needles, buttonhole scab removal do’s and don’ts, cannulating using an established buttonhole, and helpful hints for cannulating a buttonhole access.

Chapter 7


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Topics: Self-cannulation benefits and training recommendations, buttonhole technique and self-cannulation.

Chapter 8


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Topics: dialysis complications and troubleshooting: bleeding, infiltrations, poor blood flow, aneurysm, stenosis and thrombosis, signs and symptoms of infection, and steal syndrome.

Patient Assessment Videos

Assessment of the upper arm AV fistula - Dr. Gerald Beathard

Secondary AVF Fistula Conversion (includes the Sleeves-Up exam) - Dr. Lawrence Spergel

Assessment of forearm AV fistula - Dr. Arif Asif


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