AV Fistula Problems

The resources below will help you recognize, report, and act on any AV fistula problems you run into:


Kidney School Module 8 - Vascular Access: A Lifeline for Dialysis

Illustrated, 27 page module tells you what to look for when doing a daily fistula check and offers a list of symptoms to report to the care team.  From Life Options' Kidney School (MEI).


Fistula Complications: Stenosis & Thrombosis

Tri-fold brochure explains narrowing (stenosis) and clotting (thrombosis) and describes non-surgical treatment options, including interventional radiology and angiography.  From ESRD Network 12.


Maintaining Your Lifeline

Twelve page newsletter gives you a list of symptoms to watch for, and tells you how to check for your thrill and bruit. Also describes narrowing (stenosis) and how to prevent it.  From ESRD Network 12.


Vascular Access Passport Set - Part 1
Vascular Access Passport Set - Part 2

Two part resource gives you a convenient record of information about access problems, including any revisions, cause(s) of failure, and details about blocked veins.  From the ESRD Network of New England.


Phase 2: AAKP Patient Plan

Fifty seven page book, Access and Initiation, describes what to look for when checking for fistula problems, such as clotting and infection on pages 5-6.  From the AAKP.


Phase 3: AAKP Patient Plan

Forty five page book (pages 12-14), Stabilization, explains narrowing (stenosis), describes the most common sites where it occurs, and lists the problems it can lead to - like clotting.  Also tells you what to expect if your fistula develops a clot.  From the AAKP.


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