Vessel Mapping

These resources will help you learn more about vessel mapping and how to ask for it:


Doppler Imaging & Vessel Mapping

Illustrated, tri-fold brochure explains what a Doppler study is, types of Doppler studies (Duplex Doppler, Color Doppler), and how to prepare for a Doppler.  From ESRD Network 12.


Putting "U" in Fistula

Illustrated, 12 page newsletter explains vessel mapping and Doppler studies.  A step-by-step Doppler study fact sheet describes how to prepare for the study, how it's done, how if feels, and what the risks are.  From ESRD Network 12. 

Frequently Asked Questions about AV Fistulas

Two page fact sheet presents vessel mapping as a first step in helping to decide if you are a candidate for an AV fistula.  From ESRD Network 12.


Kidney School Module 8 - Vascular Access: A Lifeline for Dialysis

Illustrated, 27 page module presents vessel mapping and venograms as helpful tools to improve your chance of having an AV fistula.  From Life Options' Kidney School (MEI).


In Control (Vol. 1, No. 1: Fistulas)

Four page patient newsletter section covers vessel mapping and venograms and the importance of having a written plan in case an access should fail.  From Life Options (MEI).


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