Treatment Choices

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Do you know about the treatment choices that may be available to you and what to plan for?  This section can help you explore treatment options that you can then discuss with your kidney care team.

Know Your Choices

Know Your Choices

There are several treatment choices for you to think about.  Whether you are new to dialysis or it has been your treatment choice for some time, you can always ask about changing to another type of dialysis or talk with your kidney care team about a kidney transplant. Click on the links below to learn more about your treatment choices.

Treatment Choices Overview

Kidney Transplant


Peritoneal Dialysis

Home Dialysis

'My Life, My Dialysis Choice' Decision Tool

Who Will Need a Vascular Access

Who will need a Vascular Access?

If you and your kidney care team decide that hemodialysis is the best choice for you, you will need to have a vascular access created.  This is important because an access is your lifeline for a lifetime. Click on the links below to learn more about getting a vascular access.

Access Planning Manual

Questions or Concerns about a Permanent Access? Let's Talk!

Fistula Maturity and Graft Healing

Access Monitoring

Catheter Check

Living with Dialysis

Having a voice and playing an active role in your care is important. Click here to learn more about living with dialysis and how you can get involved in your care!