Vascular Access Management

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Step 1: Look

Step 2: Listen

Step 3: Feel


If you and your dialysis care team decide that hemodialysis is the best choice for you, you will need to have a vascular access made. This is important because an access is your lifeline for a lifetime.
Take the proper steps to plan your access.
It only takes a minute to save your lifeline.

Check your Access every day.


Ready, Set, Go!

The steps to Fistula maturity and Graft healing are very important in preparing patients for successful dialysis treatments. Learn more about the steps to catheter freedom and how to check a Fistula or Graft every day.

Ready, Set, Go!

Access to all Vascular Access tools and resources are available for download here.

One Minute Catheter CheckDo you have a hemodialysis catheter?

A hemodialysis catheter is a ”bridge” to a fistula or graft. Make sure you check your catheter every day.
Learn how to do your “one minute catheter check” here.

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