Professional Resources for Access Monitoring

Professional Resources for Access Monitoring

Checking your patient’s lifeline every time they are in for treatment is a critical step to making sure their access is functioning appropriately and or to detect potential problems. Attached is an interactive tool that will help you learn how to perform a quick access check and what to watch to determine if there is a problem. Please follow the “How to save your patient’s lifeline” link to learn more:

It Only Takes a Minute to Save the Lifeline

Using the links below, you can access the steps and tools for “one minute access check”. The process map and tools support the five components for the one minute access check that can be performed daily by the patients, the dialysis staff at each dialysis treatment and expert clinicians when problems are identified and also during monthly visits.

Printable Documents:

Video for the “One Minute Access Check”

Video that outlines the steps for the “One Minute Access Check”:

Full-Length Video for Checking Your Access

An 8 minute video with information for the steps in the “One Minute Access Check” and more information on vascular access:

Physical Examination of Arteriovenous Fistula

A 24 minute video showing a comprehensive examination of an arteriovenous fistula: