One Minute Catheter Check

Do you have a hemodialysis catheter?

A hemodialysis catheter is a ”bridge” to a fistula or graft. Make sure you check your catheter every day. Learn how to do your “one minute catheter check” below.

One Minute Catheter Check

For Patients:

Here are tools to help you do your one minute catheter check:

Step 1: Look

Step 1: Catheter Patient Look

Step 2: Feel

Step 2: Catheter Patient Feel

This video shows how to do the
one minute catheter check:

Downloadable Documents:

Download Complete Patient Guide Download Patient One Sheet Download Patient Step 1: Look Download Patient Step 2: Feel

For Professionals:

Here are tools to show you how to “check before you connect”:

Step 1: Look

Step 1: Catheter Staff Look

Step 2: Listen

Step 2: Catheter Staff Listen

Step 3: Feel

Step 3: Catheter Staff Feel

Here is a video to show you
how to do the catheter check:

Downloadable Documents:

Download Complete Staff Guide Download Staff One Sheet Download Staff Step 1: Look Download Staff Step 2: Listen Download Staff Step 3: Feel

Added Resources:

Fistula First Change Concept 7

  • AVF placement in patients with catheters where indicated
  • Regardless of prior access (e.g. AV graft), nephrologists and surgeons evaluate all catheter patients as soon as possible for AVF, including mapping as indicated.
  • Facility implements protocol to track all catheter patients for early removal of catheter.

Vascular Access Atlas-Tunneled HD Catheters pg:13-28

Preventing Bloodstream Infections in Outpatient Hemodialysis Patients


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One Minute Catheter Check January 27, 2015